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Belgium Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Area:
  • 11,775 square miles / 30,500 square km
  • Population:
  • 11,000,000
  • Capital city:
  • Brussels
  • Languages:
  • German, French and Dutch
  • Currency:
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Country dialling code :
  • +32
  • Religion :
  • largely Catholicism
  • Drives on :
  • right

Belgium is popular for more than one reason. Food is a big thing in Belgium and so is the natural beauty of the small country. Also, you could visit the city for the sole purpose of seeing an excellent display of arts all around you. The art of the country tells a story of the country’s long eventful history and of its glorious past. Once you are in the country you would see for yourself that people here have high living standards and high moral values as well.

The shopping in Belgium could prove to be a never ending expedition for you. Belgium makes shoppers even more insatiable. The major items in your shopping bag after shopping in Belgium could be Chocolates, diamonds, laces, antiques and liquor. It is a common sight in Belgium weekender markets to see people browsing through the stuffs on display and haggling over prices with the traders. You would see polite but determined traders and all sorts of buyers. Swiss are the only people who could compete with Belgium in treating you with excellent hand made chocolates. According to me, Belgium chocolate is better than Swiss chocolate but you are free to judge for yourself.

Night life could be just as grand as the life otherwise in the country. Belgium stages many concerts and a very famous opera house as well. If you love disco an Jazz you could be enthralled by all that you are going to have a chance to do here. Belgium has numerous night clubs and there is lot of people thronging the clubs at any time of the year. Thus, making it a safe bet for a visitor to check for himself what is out there. During October and November the country hosts a fun fair which is a great event to enjoy with your family, friends or otherwise.

Belgium is culturally rich and has a number of churches, museums, cathedrals etc for you to visit. Specific cities that might interest you and draw you would be.


Bruges was at a time, the richest city of the world though the city has now slowed down a little. Bruges is acclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and that is why this should feature on your list of cities to visit in Belgium. The city is known for its Memling Museum and the canals at the night.


There are a few things that you could look forward to when you plan to visit Brussels. Chocolates to top the list. Brussels is where every chocoholic soul would love to come to. Then there are examples of classic and gothic architecture. The place is full of arts and has a couple of good museums that you would love to visit if you have a slight interest in knowing more about what has made Belgium.


The place where the entire young crowd could be seen partying and having fun. People in Ghent have all the leisurely hours and resources to party and party hard. Ghent has a number of night clubs and all of them are almost full through out the year.


The city is popular among the shoppers and especially the shoppers of jewelry and diamonds. The hub where most of the diamond supplies of the country could be found. The city has an industrial air around it and a large port. Diamonds traders of the city add a little bit of extra charm to the city.

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