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France Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • French Republic
  • Population:
  • 58,000,000
  • Area
  • 211,210 square miles / 547,030 km
  • Capital city:
  • Paris
  • Languages:
  • French
  • Currency:
  • Euro
  • Time zone :
  • GMT / UTC +1
  • Religion
  • Predominantly Catholic
  • Country dialing code:
  • +33
  • Drives on :
  • the Right

France is the perfect holiday destination for anybody. There is everything that a country could possibly offer, best beaches, Greenery, slopes of the Alps, Paris and some of the best restaurants if the world is here. What else could a vacationer ask for! The country offers the best and the perfect package to the visitor with every desirable fun option neatly packed inside. You could plan a weekend in Paris or a week full of relaxed vacation on the beach or a longer vacation on the seaside resorts. France is the place for you if you want to live it all with a lot of glamour.

France has a cuisine that it can boast of and you could have your appetite increased by the time you come back from a fortnight long vacation of France. French cuisine could itself be the reason of visiting France altogether. You would taste some of the things that might look and feel new to your senses however; you have got to be experimental to really make the most out of it. The most satisfying fact about the French food is that no matter what it is, the food would be invariably be fresh and well cooked. A real French dinner consists of a seven course and it lasts more than a couple of hours. You have got to be wise enough to enjoy all every course. Don’t fill yourself up to the brim early.

France has a lot to offer to a shopper however, the prices might be a little too high. The best part is that you would get almost everything that you need. You have got all the top brands of the world here and it is a good place to shop for liquor and clothes. France has a number of large shopping malls and also a number of temporary markets.

French night life is lively and sophisticated. There are more than over a hundred public casinos which says a lot about the country’s interests. The casinos see a lot of crowd on weekend nights. Also, most of the night clubs here do not charge an entrance fee and when they do it is not very high. Thus, you would see a whole bunch of people having fun on their own in this night out places. It is fun to be out on the French streets and bars during the night fall.


It is the capital city of the country and the first thing on the list of every person who visits the country is to go see the Eiffel Tower. A lot of love struck people like to visit Paris over the weekend to experience the panorama of romance in its true essence. It is simply wonderful to be here in the city of such beauty. The city is full of life all the time all 365 days of a year. The spirit of Paris is almost contagious and draws you in almost immediately.


The history of France, it is believed is buried in the soil of Avingon. So, people who have an academic interest in France make it compulsory for themselves to visit the city.


Everybody knows about Cannes all over the world. The city hosts the yearly film festival and is popular with all sorts of people who are linked with movies. People linked with movies, in today’s’ times includes every living soul. The city is small and the major event of the city is its film festival.

People say, a little bit of France in your system could do something grad for your life and you actually could see how true it is while you travel with us.

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