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Sweden Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Sweden / Kingdom of Sweden (Konungariket Sverige)
  • Location:
  • Scandinavian Peninsula (Northern Europe)
  • Area:
  • 173,750 square miles / 450,300 square km
  • Population:
  • 9,200,000
  • Capital city:
  • Stockholm
  • Languages:
  • Swedish (many people speak English)
  • Currency:
  • Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Country dialling code :
  • +46
  • Religion :
  • Largely Catholics, Lutherans And Muslims

Sweden has everything that you could dream of in a country you are going to for a vacation. It has a rich urban life and culture. I would call it a platter of various landscapes. You could be having fun on the beaches or finding peace in the hilly regions or feeling an adrenaline rush while adventuring in dense and craggy pine forest and mountains to the south of the country. There is so much to do while you are here. The country ahs so much to offer that you could not possibly cover everything on the first visits so, have got to plan a return trip.

Not just landscape wise, even culture wise I have always seen Sweden as a color palette. Sweden has a wide range of moods. On one hand, Sweden boasts of a tranquil lifestyle and on the other hand has a rich night life culture. Where the country has a beautiful landscape and is close to nature, the country has also been famous for its sense of fashion and designs. Sweden is famous for so many different things and you would experience everything with me while you are here. I was born and brought up here in Sweden and I am really proud of my country for the rich and varied experiences one could have here. There is no particular taste specific to Sweden. It has everything and it relishes everything.

Shopping is what Europe is famous for and Sweden has a unique identity when it comes to shoppers’ must visits. I have friends who visit the country specifically for shopping and turn my house in a free of cost guest house. One of my friends who happen to be a shopaholic said that she just loves shopping in Sweden not just due to the price range and the articles but also because shop keepers here are so sensitive and they never push you to make a purchase. They want you to see the thing and feel it before you dig out into your pockets. It is a treat to be shopping here. I would vouch for the quality product and elegant designs that you could spot here. The country’s specialty is in glasses. Swedish glass is famous across earth and you could buy glass gift articles for your friends back home. 100 % quality and great unique designs is what you would get here for the right kind of prices. In case you are scared that glass would break you could go in for the wooden designs. The best time to shop is summers because the markets are open markets and thus, they remain shut on bad weather days.

Sweden food consists of fish, brewed coffee, a few vegetables, boiled potatoes and a little bit of meat. Alcohol consumption is very limited and coffee has its monopoly when it comes to the beverages. Apart from food and shopping, the Swedes cities are popular for its fashion and for its music. The world has taken notice of Sweden’s fine music and even finer fashion sense in the recent past and since then, tourism industry has seen a boom here in the country.

Let me take you through four of the seven major cities here so as set your expectations from the trip.


It is the southernmost province of Scania. You could see and visit the oldest church of the city, St Peter’s Church. That gives us an idea of 14th century architecture. That is when it was built and it has been a famous attraction since that very time. Malmo is a metropolitan city of the country and is thus rich with urban life.


The capital city of the country. This is the place for all sorts of activity and fast life. If you are looking to see today’s Sweden, this is where you have got to be. Also, if you are shopping for glass you would find yourself in the markets of Stockholm. In fact there are special transportation facilities to help you shop for glasses in the finest markets of the world. Stockholm is a big city with good hotels and restaurants and an active night life for those who like partying hard while on vacation. The major things that would catch your attention here is theatre, cuisines, museums, sports, suburbs and a few yearly events that take place here every year and people from all over the world come here to take part in it.


For all of you who like quite calm places and want to be close to natural beauty, this is the city you should be visiting. You would love it here. Especially if you are visiting Sweden with your spouse and want some time to relax away from all the hullaballoo of the world, you would love it here. The city is charming however, is commonly not found on tourist’s must visits. The reason being that it is quite and not many people notice quite places in this age of rushed life style.


If you are on a vacation with all your energetic friends looking to party hard and go back home completely tired but rejuvenated, please do visit Uppsala. Uppsala is the town of university. Thousands of students and young crowd could be seen everywhere in the town and at any time. The city boasts of a busy, hip and happening night life through out the year. It also has an interesting history and an old Vikings Burial ground, thus, you could listen to a lot of legends while about the place. All equally interesting and baffling in it. If you get tired of the city’s noise and excitement and energy, you could go to the nearby town of Guave for a quite retreat. A lot of visitors see that as a a major plus point of visiting the legendary land of Uppsala.

There are other cities which are equally important and equally close to my heart however those could be experienced well. The real worth of other cities is in visiting it for you and experiencing rather than reading what I have to say about it. I love my country and would be glad to receive you warmly in my country. Let me have the opportunity to share with you the wonderland of Sweden with a lot of legends and small real life tastes of the place.

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