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Hungary Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Hungary
  • Area:
  • 93,030 km2
  • Population:
  • 9,979,000
  • Capital city:
  • Budapest
  • Languages:
  • Hungarian
  • Currency:
  • Forint (HUF)
  • Country dialing code:
  • +36
  • Religion :
  • Catholicism (54.5%) - Roman Catholics 51.9 %; Greek Catholics 2.6%
  • Drives on :
  • Right

Hungary is popular for its food and cuisine. Not just that it has a food culture of its own wherein the food generally comprises of high quality ingredients. Moreover, pepper is what makes the food here eatable. Hungarian pepper is a must in all its food. Also, if you went shopping here and returned without your own supply of pepper, you need to go back to the marketing once again. The climate here is mild temperate continental weather and summer evenings are the best time to be here. Well, the country has a lot more to offer. Everything in the country would make you feel important.

Shopping in Hungary would mean that you are lined up for antiques and jewelry and furniture, fashion i.e. clothes and shoes. The place has always been famous among the shoppers of books and music CDs. The country is packed with shopping centers, malls and markets. The carpets, cherries and paintings are also things you could browse through while travelling across the country. You could always want more while in Hungary and you would get more. The essence of the country lies in the fact that you can not ever have enough of it. The country offers you something extra at the moment when you start to feel full of it and that is the charm of Hungary. This part of Europe has a wise variety of things to offer to a visitor. You could have an amazing night life, great drinking experience, good and rich food, great scenic beauty and everything else you could ask for while vacationing. It has something for you body, mind and soul and something for every passionate heart in the world.

Hungary is known for its rich heritage and for its historic legends. Hungary produces its own wine and that could be something unique to the country’s identity. Hungarians are proud of their food culture and would hardly miss a chance to flaunt the rich taste of it. That is a reason why there are so many bakeries everywhere in the country. You would get exotic chocolates, cakes, pastries and sweets for your taste buds. It would also offer a range of drinks for all those who like their throat to be wet all the time. The capital city of Hungary is lined with bars and pubs and discos and so are other cities in the country. Over all, I would like to say that the country excels in providing a complete vacation and it could be one of the best vacation choices for every one planning to get away from the daily boring life of his. Live a Hungarian with us, once and you would never want to go back to your life. If you go, you would be back completely rejuvenated. Tata: The Hungarian city for the visitors who want to relax more than anything else while on vacation. The city has a sweet sounding name and it is alternatively known as the City of Water. I must say that this is one of the best choices and is a must feature on every man who ever visits the land of Hungary. The best part about visiting the place is that it is easily reachable. At a distance of 70 kms from Budapest, you could visit the city in an hour or so. Starting your country experience from Tata is like starting at the top, getting all the energy while here and then spending the energy for touring the rest of the country. It would definitely be more memorable than anything else ever.


The city of the rich and affluent and sophisticated. If you love dining out, drinking expensive wines, long and legendary historical past and minarets and palaces, Eger is the place for you. Best hotels and resorts could be found here. Services range from expensive bars and clubs to exotic thermal baths. Eger has a lot to offer if you want to feel the royal way of living. The city s also well known for its great grape grape orchards. The city is rich in grapes and wine. The love for nature and history would always draw you here. There is a certain color of aristocracy in everything that Eger does and the way Eger does it.


The city is popular due to its geographical position. It is the second largest city in the country and is identified as the cultural and scientific capital. This is where most of the visiting scholars land. all sorts of geographical expedition keep taking place here in the city. Debrecen is popularly known as the city of festivals. Situated 220 Kilometers from Budapest, the city is just impossible to ignore. You have got to have it on your list and also on your checked list with a check mark. Debrecen is also famous with most of the intellectuals who visit Hungary. It plays host to a lot of cultural events and religious festivals.


The capital city and the place for all the actions of the country. This is where you would see the white collars of the country and it is definitely great to be visiting Budapest more than once in a life time. The city is majorly known as “The Paris of Europe”. Budapest


The city which overlooks the largest lake of central Europe. It is a beauty in itself. Painters and poets would like to be here. So, would you. The magnificence of the city is in its natural beauty. There is nothing that needs to be added. Mother Nature has carved the city as a complete beautiful scene. Balaton is to be experienced well. It holds a lot of secrets for you to discover and a lot of fun for you to unearth. Come here and forget where you come from. Feel as if you were born here, you would love the feel more than you have loved being home. Balaton calls you and captivates you. It has a charm of its own which could be matched by no other city ever in Europe. You could be young or old but I assure you still have something for you in the city and above everything else, Budapest is warm and welcoming.

I have always loved Europe and Hungary is the best of all places in Europe and it would always be the same. The country welcomes you with everything it has, on a plate. Well, it is good for your soul and your body and mind to be in Hungary for a little while once in a lifetime if not once every year. Life is definitely good here and the vacation here is again a treat.

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