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Norway Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Area:
  • 839,155 square miles / 324,000
  • Population:
  • 4,600,000
  • Capital city:
  • Oslo
  • Languages:
  • Norwegian
  • Currency:
  • Norwegian Kroner (NOK)
  • Country dialing code:
  • 47
  • Religion:
  • Largely Protestant
  • Drives on:
  • Right

Norway as known should be a tourist’s ultimate choice at least once in their lifetime. Though, it is more fun to visit Norway time and again. A second time tourist won’t feel like an outsider any more. The country is warm and welcoming for all sorts of people. One of my aunt once said, “I want to marry a Norwegian because then he would have a heart as big as a country.” Every time, I think of that statement, I feel a certain kind of nausea for the fact that hearts as well as countries are slowly reducing in size and my Aunt would have been petrified at the state the world is in if she were alive. God bless her divine soul. However, a Norwegian heart is still the same. Very well said, “Big as a country”. The people here are warm and they have always smiled at me, no matter how out of place I look at times.

Well as a visitor, what are the things you could look forward to experiencing? Here is a concise list. It is a difficult task to capture the spirit of Norway in words. Still, let me try to picture what your vacation in the country would be like.

The royal family of Norway is famous for the way they have kept all their traditions alive over centuries. They are famous and their palace is even more famous than the family that lives in the palace. The legendary animal Troll could be spotted in Norway after sunset. The creature is very ugly and equally messy however, they have a legend following them. It is said that they turn to stone if they come in contact with sun. That is the reason they come out of their dark caves only after sunset. Vikings are such a rare tribe. They are seen as raiders however once upon a time they were the traders of the Norway and made sure that the economic life there is easy. The weather is milder than anywhere else in the world. It is definitely worth the experience.

Also, if you have been less attentive in geography classes like me, you would wonder at what this could mean. Well, in Norway the summer sun does not set at all. It means that you could experience continuous day light for 24 hours for a particular time period every year. It is a natural phenomenon however reveals to us another mysterious show of Mother Nature. I would like to call Norway the favorite son of Mother Nature. A definite treat to your aesthetic senses. Among other things, you could also enjoy a close contact with natural activities such as Hiking and fishing and bird watching. A lot of tourists head here in summer just to be away from all man made things and be close to all things created by God. Makes you connect with the universe and your creator better. You could see the highest concentration of Fjords here in Norway which serves as a mark of successive ice age. It is said that these fjords were shaped by rock, stone and ice during the ice age. While life was being wiped out from the earth during ice age, Norway was being decorated with such amazing fjords. It is a must visit for all tourists.

Let me now introduce you to the major cities of the country rich with natural beauty.


The capital city and thus hub for all sorts of scientific, industrial, economic and banking activities. The urban life here is top class. You could enjoy the finest dining options and a technology rich way of living. The city has its own share of natural beauty complimented with all modernized equipments for an easy life. People are warm and welcoming and you would continuously feel at home and at ease with yourself while you are here. The city is also known as the “Beta World City” in recent studies. Oslo has pleasantly mild to warm summers with average high temperatures of 20–22 °C (68–72 °F) and lows of around 12 °C (54 °F). Temperatures exceed 25 °C (77 °F) quite often, and heat waves are common during the summer.


"The city situated on the south shore of the Trondheims fjord at the mouth of the river Nidelva. The city could be considered as the administrative capital of the country. The city’s name says all about itself. The Viking ruler named the city Kapunhagen (English: Market place or a trading place). In fact, in the earlier times, the place was the capital city of Norway and the place of the king. So, you have to visit the place to feel the history of Norway in its full essence. You could also reveal the spiritual side of yours while visiting the churches, cathedrals here. For your historic tastes you could visit the museums and love it all the same.


situated at the south western coast of Norway the city of Bergen is rich in natural beauty and its cultural life style. The city is known as the Atlantic coast capital of Norway. The city harbors Europe’s largest port. The city was one of nine European cities honored with the title of European Capital of Culture in the year 2000. It is an important city of Norway for all sports lover as the city has football culture. You could visit the churches and lead an urban life in the city.


The small tourist attraction of Europe. Geiranger is famous for its splendid and spectacular scenery. My great grand aunt used to call it the “painter’s delight”. I mean a painter could just stay here and revive his artistic quality like never before. Everything here looks like it has been carefully painted on a canvass. It is nothing like the other towns. It is the village where Ireland could be experienced best with a few close people and a lot of peace. Find your mental peace here and you would love it.


The city became famous in the year 1973 due to an unpleasant affair that took place here. A few Mossad agents had killed a Moroccan waiter. The agents were mistaken in identifying the person. The city is located on the northern side of the lake Majosa and river Lagen surrounded by mountains. In 1994 the city hosted the winter Olympics and would again host the event in the year 2016. So, a few more good reasons to visit the city one of these coming years. You could visit the popular Olympic site as well.

That is the little sketch of Ireland which is not even 35% of what you are going to experience while touring the country with us. I would like to personally invite you for a tour of this very picturesque excellence of nature. I could hardly believe that so many different kinds of attractions could be found anywhere else in the whole world. Though, Europe is a beautiful necklace in itself however, I would say that Norway is one of the most expensive and bright stone of the jewel.

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