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Denmark Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Denmark (Kingdom of Denmark / Kongeriget Danmark)
  • Area:
  • 16,600 square miles / 43,000 square km
  • Population:
  • 5,500,000
  • Capital city:
  • Copenhagen (Kobenhavn)
  • Languages:
  • Danish
  • Currency:
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Country dialing code :
  • +45
  • Religion :
  • 80 percent members of the Church of Denmark / Lutheran state church
  • Drives on :
  • right

In the year 2010, Denmark was once again voted as the happiest nation of the world. Denmark is famous for its strong welfare state. When we show you around the place, we ensure that you get the real taste of the same happiness that the people here experience. That is the essence of Denmark - the country. Know more about the country with our field experts and experienced travelling passionate. Meet them and let them share an excellent opportunity with you so that you could vacation in Denmark as real Danish.

Shopping is a major tourist activity while you are in Denmark and as everybody knows, the prices are a little high. However, the collection in the markets here could be matched by no other place across the world. Denmark is really fond of its past and thus, you would spot a lot of antique shops across the Danes markets. Copenhagen is known as the Shoppers arena. That is where you would find yourself shopping for most of the time while you are in Denmark. It could easily be known as the shoppers' paradise. Shopping malls are a rarity however you would find a lot of regional shops and sidewalk businesses where you can buy small local souvenirs. You could also shop for antique Viking and Ilk jewelry made of Amber and silver

The country is also famous for its food culture and its taste for different genre of music. Jazz, salsa and pop are the popular choices here with Danes. The food culture has been refined over centuries and the food in the country is as required in cold whether. You would get a lot of country kitchen food that is rich in vitamin, protein and minerals. The food culture here is more than just sea food; it is packed with high nutritional value. Our experts suggest you to try the pickles herring for sure. There's the kolde bord (cold buffet) for lunch, Frikadeller (meatballs), Hakkebøf (chopped meat patties), Pølser (hot long sausages), and many other dishes with typical food in Denmark. Apart from seafood, the culture around Danish food has become much more diversified in recent years, and you can eat any kind of food, really - especially in the cities.

Let me highlight for you a couple of must visits on your Denmark trip, as per our experts:


The capital city where urbanization has rapidly caught up. This is the place you would find yourself at when you land in the country and at the time of leaving and thus, it always remains close to a visitor's heart. It is a rapidly growing metropolitan city by all standards. The essence of the city is its fast paced life. It’s the hub of all the economic and developmental activities of the country. The city has been mentioned in various surveys and is a place of major scientific research that has been affected in the past couple of years. This is the most environment friendly city of the world so; you could enjoy the least polluted metropolitan city. With its two oldest amusement parks, the city proves to be a visitor's muse.

The city has a more than a couple of star restaurants and we, at European Gateways know all of them as well as possible. Also, there are a few museums in case you have an historical inclination. The city architecture would definitely appeal to your ascetic side. The pull is in the simplicity and the thought that bragging is vicarious.


The second largest city situated in the heart (centre) of Denmark is to the right of Peninsula Of Jutland. Therefore, unofficially, it is known as the capital city of Jutland. The city is the principal port of Denmark and you would see a lot of activity and movement wherever you go into the city. The city is the oldest city and thus, a tourist's must visit topper. The place is also famous for its architecture. the longest and tallest cathedral, Large church, City hall, summer retreat of the Danish Royal family is what you could live while visiting Aarhus

Aalborg (Ålborg)

The hip and happening city of the country. This is where you would find the young peppy crowd of University students. The city is a hub for all industrial and educational institutes. Except for famous points like the tripod tower and a newly opened museum, I suggest you to keep one day for this city. One day just to go around the universities and try small local things. This is the place where you would see students lining up small food joints and they are the real delicacy of the city.

You would see a lot more than any other tourist sees here? The reason being that we have a workforce of local people working with us in the country. You could be rest assured that you would not just be seeing Denmark while you are here. You would rather be living the country in a true sense.

Let us be the proud guide of yours across Denmark.
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