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Czech Republic Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Republic of Austria
  • Population:
  • 8.5 million
  • Capital city:
  • Vienna
  • Languages:
  • Austria German (other official languages in southern states include Croat, Hungarian and Slovene)
  • Currency:
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone :
  • CET / GMT + 1 hour
  • Visa :
  • EU nationals do not require a visa, most other nationalities are able to stay for up to 90 days in any given half year
  • Country dialing code:
  • +43
  • Drives on :
  • right

Czech Republic has a century old tradition and a rich culture to share with you. The Czech culture has been magnified and preserved in a lot of artistic work like paintings, music, architecture and literature. The influence of European culture is unmistakably notable however; the unique texture of its own culture remains intact and is pleasant. A lot of people in the world, including me, don’t pronounce the country’s name right. However, that does not mean that we have to shun from visiting the country. It is Mesmerizing to be here for a vacation and thus, if you are like me and think it is difficult to pronounce the name, you still have a strong reason to be there. Inside the country you would hardly ever need to mention the country’s name. The country has a long history of architecture and of music and it would have an impression on you when you are there and an after affect on you after you come back. The Czech language is influenced by west Slavic group of languages however it has its own distinct identity as well. Being here is like being nowhere else in Europe. The place is alive altogether.

The shopping in Czech Republic would majorly be all about designs and art works carved in glasses or porcelain. Moreover, Porcelain and glass vendors would do a lot to catch your attention and to make it almost impossible for you to escape them. Well, anyways, you must buy a few porcelain and glass miniature to preserve your memory of the art wonderland while you are touring the place. It has a unique and wonderful taste when it comes to these little stuffs.

Let me come down to food. Czech food is good only for people with a high metabolism who never put on weight. The culinary tastes here is very fat focused and grease motioned. Not just that original Czech food has a lot of cholesterol and fat and oil. The food here is influenced by countries around the place. The food is good and abundant. The food here is majorly meat and cream and vinegar. However, I love the Czech food and you too might love it. Czech Republic has a busy and cheerful nightlife culture. It is lined up and marked with restaurants and exciting pubs and dance clubs and jazz clubs and you could spend the night here without even realizing when it gets over. Czech Republic has a sensuous appeal and at the same time it could be a lot of excitement as well. You pick what you like from the rich platter full of variety.

The specialty of Czech Republic is that all its cities has something for somebody and a few cities have something for everybody however, I would take you through a few of them to give you an overview of what you are up for when here with me. Everything that I don’t mention here is a surprise and a treat for you.


People call the Czech Republic the heart of Europe and Prague is the capital city. The bundle of energy opens up here. The city is a historic centre and it is just amazing how the city consumes every visitor. It is the home to a number of popular cultural attractions. A lot of these attractions have survived the violence and destruction of 20th century.


The city that has many museums and major places for sports. The city also houses Annual Moto Grand prix GP. This is the largest city of Moravia and the administrative capital of the country. You could expect a lot of excitement and fun from the city. The city would also offer you a range of museums and the largest exhibition centre in Europe. <


The city which could be known as the Cultural capital of Europe. The urban setup of the city is a little different from the other Czech cities. The city has a long history and a rich presence of the history for us to experience while we are touring the country. Visiting Czech is like visiting a shrunk Europe altogether and being in Ostrava is like seeing the whole of the country and experiencing its culture closely.

Bohemian Paradise

As the name itself suggests, the city is the paradise, situated in the northern Czech. The place is known for its rock towns. The place is full of treats for everybody who has a taste for adventure. The city is full of hiking and biking trails. Go and live life like a real nomad. It is an absolute must visit for all you youngsters there.

Above here, I discussed a few things about Czech however; the country is full of such places and more. The variety in the country makes Czech Republic look more like a continent than a country. European Gateways team invites you to explore this land of varied interests and tastes with us.

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