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Germany Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • Area:
  • 137,845 square miles / 357,020 square km
  • Population:
  • 85,000,000
  • Capital city:
  • Berlin
  • Languages:
  • German
  • Currency:
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Time zone :
  • GMT + 1 hour
  • Electricity :
  • 220 Volts AC, 50 Hz - flat two-pin plugs or third round pin are used American and British appliances require an adaptor for use in Germany.
  • Country dialing code:
  • 49
  • Religion :
  • 54% undeclared, 26.5% Protestant, 10% Roman Catholic, 6% Islamic, 3.5% other
  • Drives on :
  • The Right

I can’t believe that I am writing an article on Germany. It is one such country on which books have been written and now, I am here writing an article on my experiences with Germany. Germany’s history dates back to the German tribes and then to Holy Roman Empire. The country has a unique and very long, disturbed history of inner conflicts which had lead to the division of Germany in hundreds of small states. Every other country has always been harmed by the war however Germany’s unification started with the Napoleonic wars and that tells you a lot about the spirit of Germany. A lot of people remember Germany because of Adolf Hitler however, there is a lot for you to learn about this land and you would have a good chance of learning it with a locale.

The Germans are known as an arid shopper’s troop. A lot of people say that it is the national pastime for the Germans to shop. That is pleasant news for visitors with a shopper’s heart as it would mean a lot of shopping options and avenues for you. There would be a lot of discounts and local brands to shop from for you. You would find all sorts of stores here. From do it yourself to the malls, to the Big Box stores to all those specialty stores which sells different variety of the same commodity. You could shop for arts and crafts souvenirs, clothes or beverages. There are a lot of departmental stores in the country that offer you good discounts and you would be drawn to take advantage of all those discounts.

People know very less about Germany in all aspects. Generally they think that German cuisine is limited to sausages and beer however, that is a very small part of the whole platter. A German platter would be a lot more than just that. There are a lot of culinary surprises in store for anybody who is food crazy. The food culture is diverse and intense. Germany has adopted some of Italy and France with a tinge of there own taste. Even though the weather here is not particularly pleasant however, the food is really interesting.

Germany has an active night life. In fact, Germany offers more options for nightlife than any other European country. The Germany has the right mix of people and laws and to make it a place for hard core partying. Germany has a long standing image of sincere workers and a horrible weather, in spite of which the place has such an exuberant night life. Germany works hard an parties harder which is a major reason why it has an array of club, bars and pubs to hang out with the local people. There is a lot of color in the night life of Germany and the beer flows. During the day and at first sight, you would hardly see Germany as the party town. A closer look at the country would reveal its true color.


The capital city is worth a visit for all the shopping and swooping and for the colorful night life. Experience the city fully and then you would see what the true colors of Berlin are. The city is a metropolis of diversity with a lot of hip hop clubs.


The old town has some of history still remaining in the country. The visitors with a slight interest in the famous history of Germany would like to visit the city and will go back with a proud recollection of their time spent here.


The city is popular due to its large and ancient churches, cathedrals. It is also well known for its architectural attributes. The place has been regarded important by archaeologists. It is a famous and important archaeology site.


The city which was completely rebuilt after being destructed in the war. It is considered important for all those looking for some shopping opportunity and urban lifestyle.

The Germany is a country of huge importance to the world. The place where great men were born and brought up. The place harbors innumerable success stories. The country is of utmost importance when it comes to literature. Germany definitely has a class of its own which is very visible on the outside and real on the inside.

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