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Netherlands Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • The Netherlands
  • Area:
  • 15,900 square miles / 41,500 square km
  • Population:
  • 61,350,000
  • Capital city:
  • Amsterdam
  • Languages:
  • Dutch
  • Currency:
  • Euro
  • Country dialing code:
  • 31
  • Religion :
  • mainly Roman Catholic and Protestant

Your time in Netherland would fly by even before you realize that it is your time to leave the country and go back home. The shopping here would comprise of collecting souvenirs and antiques as a recollection of your wonderful time out here. The unique fact is that markets here are open on all seven days of the week, including Sundays. That is very pleasant news for visitors who come to visit the place on weekends. The cuisine of Netherlands should also be paid attention to here. The food here is not as interesting as the Italian or French food. The Dutch food is more about nutrition than about taste. Fish, soup, potatoes, onion and carrots are the special traditional ingredients that make the whole of the Netherland cuisine. Thus, nothing much there. However, there are good restaurants around which could serve you a tummy full of food of your taste. Netherland’s culture needs a special mention here. Dutch are quiet people. They don’t believe in showing off, keeping a low profile and living for the sake of living is what they look forward to. The Dutch culture is rich but it does not reveal itself a ways too much. They are too proud of themselves to indulge in little show off games. Netherland also has a varied taste for music. Thus, you could be attending a few musical events when you are here. Dutch have a well known comic tradition as well.

Apart from the wonderful cities of Amsterdam, Delft, Groningen, Hague, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Utrecht where you would experience different colors of Netherlands, there are various monuments that should be made into a checklist before visiting the country. You would see the university students and their lives in Groningen. The Amsterdam and the Rotterdam are home to some of the most remarkable architecture in the present times. However, I would recommend a few spots for you to visit positively. These are:

Keukenhof Gardens

This is the pace where you could observe the rich flower display of the country and notice all the birds that could be found in Netherland.

The Kröller-Müller Museum: this is majorly to understand and experience a bit of the history of Netherlands.

Anne Frank’s House

This is the house where the famous writer Anne Frank hid from the Germans during the second world war and wrote a diary which went on to become a widely acclaimed piece of literature later on.


This is the miniature city where every detail thing has been taken care of particularly well. It is like seeing the city when the city was an infant. I mean, just like an infant has all the physical attributes but little form of everything so is the Madurodam. It inspires confidence in the brain of human being when we know that one of us could be so accurate in creating the miniature city.

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