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Liechtenstein Fast Facts
  • Country:
  • Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Area:
  • Vaduz
  • Population:
  • 160.475 km2
  • Capital city:
  • 36,010
  • Languages:
  • German
  • Currency:
  • Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Country dialing code:
  • +423
  • Religion :
  • Roman Catholicism, to which about 77% of the population adheres
  • Drives on :
  • Right

The tiny country fitted between the beautiful Switzerland and breathtaking Austria. It is amazing as to how the Liechtenstein has come of age in the past century. With an economy that developed rapidly in the past few decades and a scenic beauty which has grown ever since the country was established, Liechtenstein is a proud small country of Europe. On any particular day, it has a lot to boast of. Even on bad days, there is much for the country to offer you.

Liechtenstein has been popular as a low tax haven for years. The place is famous for its postage stamps, wine, handicrafts and other artistic items. People here make hand made craft items with Balzner Marble. Amazingly tasty, rich and healthy food, scenic beauty that could transform you as a person and get you close to the mother of all mothers, Mother Nature and artfully crafted little gift items would make your trip to the country memorable. It is a tradition for the visitors of this country to leave the country with cherished pieces of memories and a lot of little gift items for the loved ones. The shopping may not be a big thing here however; buying miniature crafts still holds a lot of significance while on your tour to the country. The food here is great and filling. The fingerlicious and famous food of Liechtenstein is something you would talk about for the rest of your life.

It has been considered a happy tummy and a peaceful mind country by visitors for ages. Recently, the place is has become all the more inviting. The growing charm of a Liechtenstein nightlife is worth an experience. So, is the winter sports options that could be made available while you are here. The place has developed as a major winter sports country in the recent past. It is good to move your limbs during the day and unwind in the night. The young and athletic visitors wish that they never would be required to leave the land that could give you such a wide range of options for someone who is out for a taste of life.


Vaduz is the capital city of the country and it is great to be here. There are a few things that would draw you to the city. The major attraction is the beautiful castle in the mountains called Schloss Vaduz. Vaduz is the place of government and it also houses and it also houses the National Museum along with the Liechtenstein Art Museum which has on its display the modern and contemporary art of the country.


The city of old forts, castles, chapels and other natural sites. If you are visiting the city, you can not miss the beautiful chapels of St. Peter and Mariahilf. The amazing site of old castle is also something you should not miss out. Well, it is just a little village an reaching the place could be a little tricky however, not with us. A lot of nature and a lot of history come together on the lands of Balzers. It is just simple magnificence of the city’s presence in the country. The village actually is divided into two and the division is not a very proper one. It is only when you notice the cultural aspects that you realize that there are to villages in the name of one. This small beauty is located in the southern part of the little Liechtenstein.


The hustle bustle city of the country is here. The city is full of scenic beauty and with a lively nightlife. It is the nightlife of the city that draws you to the city rather magnetically. This is an industrialized city and it is the house to most of the people in the country. The city has a high population and if you want a lot of crowd all around you, please be here at the evening sun set. The city was virtually demolished around 12th Century however, the city still holds a lot of history with in itself.

When you leave from Liechtenstein and people ask you what the country is all about, you could say, it is all about living close to the nature and staying close to the European history more than anything else. It is about enjoying delicious food, great alcohol and a lot of city life. It is like living in a village and a town at the same time. Would you believe that the country does not have an airport? Well, please don’t be surprised.

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